Trip Planning - Six Flags St Louis Holiday in the Park 2020

We have Reservations Friday and Saturday

The Plan: Drive in for check-in and on to the park for Friday night. We stay until the kids are cold and back to the hotel for a night. Back for rope rope and leave for home when the kids are cold.

Park: Season passes, not cost

Food: Split our food plans, extras/upgrades only

Hotel: We have 2 options

opt 1) Chase Ultimate Rewards:

Onsite(ish) at Holiday Inn

If you got this card as of this post that would be about 8 nights so using one night isn't bad as all

opt 2) Hilton

Closest is one exit away so still close

If you got the Hilton card 

I'm Planning on Hilton as I have more points and like to save the Chase points for our Flights on the 2021 Rollercoaster Rylie all Six Flags Extravaganza

** Note: Diamond status will not get you anything other than close parking as this location doesn't have suites :-(

OPENING of Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas 2020!

Sadly, we canceled out trip to the Smoky Mountains.
In case your interested Miguel the Annual Passholder does great videos 

Silver Dollar City Christmas 2020

We are not going to make it to Silver Dollar City this year so if you interest here are my two favorite blogger info, give them a follow:

Palace Decision - Skipping Season Pass

Decision: Skipped [Original Post]

Well, because this year was crazy and next year 2021 also looks like it's going to be a ride (pun attended) we are skipping the Kennywood Platinum pass we looked at a few weeks ago.


  • Time - We are not sure we would have the time to do both the North East Six Flags road trip and add the Palace Parks.
  • Cost - We are saving our point for another year. The cost would have been $300 plus tax and we wouldn't have used the Christmas passes due to the distance.
  • Water Parks are not included so we didn't think we would use as much.

Trip Planning - Should we get Palace Season Passes?

 So, if you're follow along I didn't buy Ceader Fair passes this year (for 2020/now 2021) so now that Kennywood has a new Platinum pass I'm thinking I might pick it up or at least look into it more.

There isn't a lot of details so I'm not sure yet if Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells, WI (or any of the water-parks) would be include

[Tips Needed] North East Six Flags Road Trip

 This will be our first community planned Road trip.

Six Flag Chain of Parks

Six Flags is currently my 'Home' park.

Lots of people call Six Flags the budget parks but St Louis and Chicago are the two bigger parks near me.